Global Technica

We make sure that your projects are optimized in the design phase as well as during implementation

 … of the best suppliers I've had the experience of working with. "

Christopher King
Senior Systems Engineer

Global Technica is a Seattle-based systems and software engineering firm specializing in modeling and simulation, human factors, user interface design, software implementation, and systems engineering. We make sure that your projects are optimized in the design phase as well as during implementation.

Our team’s training and experience includes Ph.Ds with over 20 years of experience in software development, cognitive science, systems engineering, human agent modeling, UI design, and simulation and modeling of systems across a wide range of industries.

Our Expertise Encompasses:

20 years experience with cognitive science, including artificial intelligence and human sensory, cognitive, motor, and information processing analysis

20 years experience in systems engineering including design and analysis of complex systems, modeling and simulation, requirements management, interfaces, CONOPS, risk management, and verification and validation

25 years experience in software development on diverse projects from developing custom e-learning software and interactive multimedia to data-driven applications using a broad array of programming languages

20 years experience with human factors modeling in diverse projects ranging from combat and communications modeling to developing advanced discrete event and agent based software tools, models, and simulations in the areas of missile defense, homeland security, battle command management, networking and communications, air traffic control, software simulation, and UAV command and

25 years experience in developing and managing innovative technology projects, specializing in human-centered interactive systems, including interaction design and production with emphasis on user experience analysis and design prototyping of online and mobile applications

10 years experience in information security strategy, development, and research including developing an efficient cloud-based data protection platform that intelligently protects and routes data across disparate cloud platforms and data centers to safeguard highly sensitive data against emerging threat landscapes

25 years cross-platform design and development experience working with multiple programming languages and hardware platforms including projects developing architectures and process flows for vector and raster aircraft design documents, optimizing factory floor operations for automated assembly of printed circuit board electronics, designing the entire user interface for the very first two way email pager produced for AT&T, and developing facial recognition software for the security and gaming industries

The models and simulations Global Technica develops are typically cutting edge techniques for system engineering analysis."
Joanne Kuhns
NCO Thrust Modeling & Simulation