Global Technica

Some feedback from our Clients

Global Technica's outstanding professional expertise and contagious enthusiastic spirit for innovation made a great project even better and the outstanding design results are still receiving rave reviews."

Roger Belveal

“The models and simulations Global Technica develops are typically cutting edge techniques for system engineering analysis.”
Joanne Kuhns
NCO Thrust Modeling & Simulation Program

“Global Technica is one of the best suppliers I’ve had the experience of working with.”
Christopher T. King
Senior Systems Engineer

“I had the privilege of working with Global Technica in Boeing's BoGART group. We were designing and developing the next generation of technical illustration software. The design and implementation of the user interface and the underlying model were critical, as was the controller code. They were great for brainstorming ideas on all of these topics, and I learned a lot... The resulting BoGART software greatly benefited from their contributions.”
Richard Fuhr
Software Engineer

“Global Technica was responsible for a large amount of the progress that the human factors team has made over the last 6 months...not an easy task given the sheer complexity of the human factors modeling efforts, the central and most important component of the Regional Traffic Model.”
Peter J. Batsakes, Ph.D.
Human Factors Design Specialist
Boeing Air Traffic Management

“Global Technica produces creative solutions to difficult design problems and presents them clearly and convincingly.”
George Strohofer
Usability Services

“Global Technica epitomizes the very essence of the technology development we are trying to achieve.”
Christi Scott
Director, Phantom Works Strategic Development and Analysis

Global Technica is well known within Boeing Research and Development for its consistent, thorough, and exacting modeling and simulation work in several domains."
Jack Dwyer, Ph.D.