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.... Global Technica produces creative solutions to difficult design problems and presents them clearly and convincingly. "

George Strohofer
Boeing Usability Services

When a large-scale deployment of assets with tens of millions of dollars on the line goes awry, one of the first questions asked is, "Could this have been prevented?” Surprising most people, the answer in most cases is yes.

Preventing system failures is our business. Global Technica, Inc. specializes in using modeling and simulation to ensure that your projects are workable before implementation. For civilian or military applications, proper simulation prior to implementation is essential in order to foresee scenarios that could easily result in sub-optimal performance or catastrophic failure.

Calculating for Uncertainties
Suppose you have a large military network with thousands of ground and air vehicles, command and control entities, and human operators, all communicating to one another through wired and wireless computer networks running a variety of custom and off-the-shelf computer applications. How do you test that all those applications will actually work together as envisioned? How do you determine what impact your training program will have on the performance of the system? How do you test for the effects of uncontrollable elements like weather? How can you tell what impact a human error or a particular mechanical failure will have under any conditions? How do you know what your best defense against a cyber attack would be?

Through a proprietary and proven method of simulation models and engineering design, Global Technica empowers businesses with reproducible engineering solutions that:

Solve Complex engineering problems for companies across the industry spectrum
Maximize Performance using the client’s envisioned design and re-architect the solution for optimal performance and success
Reduce Risk inherent in launching complex and expensive new programs

Global Technica, Inc. helps our clients bring their vision to reality, affordably, with no mistakes. Understanding how all the parts of a complex integrated engineering system will work together for maximum efficiency is our business. Global Technica’s software architectures and systems engineering solutions combine modeling and simulation, human factors, UI design, system architecture, and software development backed by our deep expertise in understanding the most unpredictable part of any system—the human factor. Human performance modeling is our core capability and we have the means to bring it to bear on every project.

Our client list includes both government and private agencies from NASA, the U.S. Army, and Boeing to AT&T, Harcourt Brace Publishing, and the University of Washington.

The ability to simulate these large system architectures with reusable and reconfigurable models/components provides a competitive advantage for [us]."
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