Global Technica

Software Engineering

Twenty years ago few people could imagine how dependent the world was about to become on computers or how profound the need would be for software capable of handling increasing layers of complexity. Few companies understand that complexity like Global Technica. Our expertise is founded on 25 years of experience working with some of the most demanding industries in the world: aerospace, defense, science, telecommunications, mobile, energy, publishing, education, security, and entertainment.

We are extremely well versed in programming languages running the gamut from ArcGIS to XDE. Global Technica combines design and development with UML based modeling and simulation, software architecture, systems engineering analysis and design, utilizing C++, C#, and Java implementations. We deploy simulation tools and frameworks combined with advanced 2D and 3D visualizations, and human agent modeling. In addition, we are a Tier 1 preferred supplier to Boeing of software engineering solutions.

Our many successful software projects completed over the years include:

  • * Advanced sensory, cognitive, and motor human agent models of pilots and air traffic controllers for Boeing Air Traffic Management
  • * GPS-enabled location-based mobile applications for Android and iPhone smart phones
  • * Facial recognition software for homeland security and entertainment applications
  • * Creation of Unix and PC raster and vector computer-aided design and publishing systems
  • * Advanced forecasting and resource planning software for Phantom Works and the Virtual Warfare Center
  • * Cognitive human agent models
  • * Embedded software and user interfaces for IPv6 routers and firewalls
  • * Modeling and simulation of unmanned air vehicles, complete with sensor systems, radio systems, command and control systems, and logistics, planning, and analysis functionality
  • * Wireless communications modeling for Boeing Defense, Space & Security Land Warfare Combat Center
  • * Battle Command and SOSCOE modeling for Future Combat Systems and Brigade Combat Team Modernization programs

Global Technica software engineering brings our unique expertise in human factors, human systems integration, user interface design, and human agent modeling to bear on your software projects, providing a holistic approach to development that often redefines both the problem and the solution.