Global Technica

Modeling and Simulation

The more complex the project, the greater the number of things that can go wrong in unexpected and expensive ways. Will all of its disparate systems work as envisioned? What happens if a particular part fails? How does temperature affect it? How much training does the average user need to be productive? Not knowing these answers in advance raises the stakes in terms of time, cost, and wasted effort if a great idea fails upon implementation. Global Technica is in the business of ensuring that doesn’t happen.

With over 20 years of experience in high end simulation, and using specialized tools such as IBM Rhapsody, RSM/RSA, ExtendSim, Matlab, Executable UML Modeling and Simulation, Global Technica creates highly predictive analytical models that reduce risk, maximize performance, and test the various factors that influence real-world operations, from environmental conditions, to equipment issues, to human-computer interaction and much, much more.  Our advanced 2D and 3D visualizations incorporate many aspects of human factors, user interface design, as well as software and systems engineering to ensure your projects will work as envisioned.

Global Technica modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities span military and civilian applications ranging from  UAVs, missile defense systems, air traffic control, wireless radio communication networks, etc.  Successful Global Technica M&S projects include:

  • * Modeling and simulation of multi-waveform digital and analog military radio networks
  • * Simulation of battle command software, military operating systems, and middleware solutions
  • * Wireless communications modeling for the Boeing Defense Land Warfare Combat Center
  • * System architecture, design, and implementation of fast-time discrete event simulation frameworks and tool suites for Boeing Phantom Works and Boeing Research and Technology
  • * Modeling, simulation, and analysis of unmanned air vehicles, complete with sensor systems, radio systems, command and control systems, and logistics planning and analysis functionality for Boeing Research and Technology
  • * Modeling and simulation of countermeasure weapons for Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)
  • * Advanced virtual environments and visualization systems

Our predictive models and simulations look at all aspect of operations to understand how your system will work during design time and well before it goes online.


Global Technica helped one client determine the optimal configuration for a new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for the Department of Defense prior to building any costly prototypes. We created an advanced analytical model and simulation that allowed the client to study the tradeoffs associated with all of the independent variables by running high fidelity simulations on different configurations of UAVs conducting a wide variety of missions. A few of the factors that were analyzed included the size of the vehicles, weight of the vehicles, power requirements, sensor load capabilities, fuel tank size, fuel burn rates, costs, etc.

The simulation was so successful that the client then asked Global Technica to incorporate the UAV simulation into a much larger wireless radio communication and command and control simulation. This gave the client the ability to utilize the functionality of the UAV simulation inside the context of the larger wireless radio communication and command and control simulation.